Good morning, Chicago - LA Kings Insider

Good morning Chicago, good morning, quick back-to-back, and good morning, Insiders.

This is, how do you say, a ro-ad tr-ip? Forgive me, it’s been quite a while. The Kings are out of state for the first time since February 20, when they concluded their seven-game Grammy trip with an overtime win over the Nashville Predators. This hotel room view doesn’t quite stack up against that view, but it does give off a very good Morning in Columbus vibe (stick tap to Rich).

YouTube isn’t allowing me to correct my dumb fingers’ “Welcome to Chicagi” entry, but make no mistake, we are in Chicago and not Chicagi, a place whose claim of existence is dubious. That landing took place at Midway Airport. I wish I could say “it is drizzly” or “lots of blue sky above!” but only a small sliver of sky is visible if one were to crane their neck and look skyward from the room’s lone window. It is a far cry from this or this or this.

You know the drill: Good morning, quick hits with [opposing player], morning skate notes, etc. We’re looking forward to catching up with Christian Ehrhoff (IT HAS BEEN SO LONG!), and I’m sure the Chicago scribes are thinking likewise of reacquainting themselves with Kris Versteeg and Rob Scuderi. There’s plenty more to come on a late winter Monday from the Jewel of the Midwest. Thank you for reading, Insiders. Stay tuned.