Meanwhile, back in Gundo... - LA Kings Insider

Good morning, Insiders, and thank you for bearing with a 24-hour battery recharging period as LAKI took a personal day away from the blog. Many errands were run.

Players are trickling out onto the ice for practice at Toyota Sports Center as we begin the first post-deadline skate of the 2015-16 season. Where will Kris Versteeg slot? How is Jordan Nolan progressing? These questions and many more will be answered shortly. Also – it’s a little bit late now – but you may want to take note that practices on the day after recovery days are generally lengthier practices, as are practices on the day before afternoon games, generally. So, today’s practice and Friday’s practice will probably see very good on-ice player turnout. Weekdays are probably difficult for many of you, but it’s still something to consider if you ever plan on making it down to watch the team skate at TSC and are thinking, “what’s the best chance of seeing a full team skate?”

Lots more to come throughout the day, Insiders. Let’s talk soon.