February 16 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On what Justin Williams and Mike Richards meant to Los Angeles:
They’re on the other team tonight. [Reporter: Don’t feel like sharing any memories?] Well, I’m sure you’ve got ‘em all. They won two Cups with us, and they’re great memories. We don’t have to share them publicly, do we?

On the Washington Capitals:
Best team in the league. Score a lot of goals, great goaltending, got a coach that’s got all the players playing the way the coach wants ‘em to now.

On what Jonathan Quick’s return to the lineup could mean:
I don’t know if he is back in the lineup.

On whether it’s special to face players who previously meant so much to the team:
No. You guys writing a book about all the players who used to play in Los Angeles, a 50-year thing, or what’s going on here?

On what he’s liked about the road trip:
Played really well three or four games. We had a tough time against the Islanders, but other than that, we played as good as we can.

On whether anything changes when facing a backup goalie:
Nothing. Pitcher throw left, throws right. Shoots left, shoots right. Not much.

On defensive structure from the New Jersey game:
It’s the way they play, Darryl. I heard after that one of the guys was saying that we didn’t get many chances against the Devils. You don’t get many. We played our game and they played theirs. They scored one and we didn’t. When you out-chance teams two-to-one, you should win, so we should’ve won. It doesn’t matter who the goalie is or who our goalie is.