Video: SolarCity recap; Black and White, Episode 8: Road Trip - LA Kings Insider

For a look back at the previous stretch of games, culminating with the win over the Dallas Stars, and a look to the week ahead, Daryl Evans and keep you up to date on the team’s trends. It’s the SolarCity Recap, courtesy of KingsVision:

Well captured by KingsVision, Black and White: Episode 8 takes a 30-hour look at the Kings’ trip to Denver for their game against the Colorado Avalanche three Mondays ago. The game resulted in a loss, but the video does a good job presenting the image of life on the road with the team, from the equipment staff’s around-the-clock duties, to the coaches’ preparation to the card table on the plane. Fortunately, the 45-minute drive from DIA to the team hotel did not make the video.

“You can hear Drew’s laugh from a mile away, especially when you’re in a steel tube 30,000 feet in the air.”
-Alec Martinez