January 7 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On yesterday’s trade:
It’s something that we’ve talked about, or that Dean had discussed earlier, as he said, and that’s it. [Reporter: How much do you think those guys can help you?] Don’t know. Have talked to ‘em briefly on the phone yesterday, and we’ll talk to them today or tonight or tomorrow and go from there. [Reporter: How do you plan to work them into the lineup?] Lecavalier’s a centerman, so work him in as a centerman and Luke’s a righthanded defenseman who plays the right side. As I said, I’m not trying to evade or [not] answer any questions. It’s an adjustment with guys changing conferences, and I’m glad that if we were going to make any sort of move with our lineup that we did it sooner than later. We’re trying to make the playoffs. Other than that, I couldn’t care less. It’s not about individuals.

On Toronto playing well:
You guys want to interview Tyler? [Tyler Toffoli: Nope. I’m leaving.] [Reporter: From your last game to this game, what are you trying to achieve differently?] We had a decent two periods against ‘em. I think Kadri’s line dominated one of our lines, end of story. They’re a good hockey club. It’s not much pressure there. Just have a good game. We’re trying to make the playoffs.

On whether it’s good to see Mike Richards move on and sign with Washington:
Absolutely. … He can play for me any day, and he’s a big reason why this team won two championships, and I know deep down he’ll be trying to win another one.

On whether the Luke Schenn – Matt Greene comparison is valid:
Well, he’s seven years younger. I think we lost Robyn and Greener from last year’s team. It’s not just Matt Greene. We lost Robyn and Greener, and those guys were big parts of the team two years ago, and they were an important part of our team last year, too, and I think that we’ve had to move guys around and continually move partners around, and in the end it doesn’t work. I think we’ve gotten a lot out of a couple of our defensemen so far, and I think our depth or defense has not allowed everybody to play as well as they should.