November 22 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the 4-3 loss to Carolina:
A couple faceoff goals, a couple penalties. Difference in the game.

On whether goals off faceoffs are a symptom of a decreased percentage, or something else:
Yeah, both. You know the percentages. You get the same stats I do.

On the team’s penalties:
Drew’s hit on Staal, generally out west that’s not a penalty. But the other ones, the faceoff violation, that’s a penalty, and that ends up being a goal, so really, there’s three goals on faceoffs when you count that. That’s a full five-on-three. Generally if you give teams a five-on-three, they’re going to score.

On whether pulling Jonathan Quick was to give the team a “spark”:
No, they scored four goals on 20 shots. Not good enough.

On Drew Doughty taking minor penalties in seven straight games being a “weird” statistic:
It’s not a good stat. I wouldn’t call a ‘weird stat.’ What’s weird about it? If our player takes penalties in seven or eight straight games, that’s not weird. That’s a bad stat.