October 18 postgame quotes: Toffoli, McNabb, Muzzin - LA Kings Insider

Tyler Toffoli, on scoring his third goal of the season:
It was good. It’s obviously nice to score goals, but I think it was a big goal tonight, scoring right after they got their first one.

On what earned the Kings the win:
I think we stayed with it. We worked hard and we moved pucks. We executed, and it was a good win.

Toffoli, on his breakaway goal:
I just took a peek to see where – I think it was Beauchemin – where he was, to see what kind of move I could make, and I made the right one.

Toffoli, on the difference between the first three games and last two games:
I think we’re just playing a lot faster. We’re playing a lot faster in our own zone, which is using our speed, breaking out and coming through the neutral zone and finishing our plays, getting lots of shots on net and getting there.

Toffoli, on whether the team is playing “Kings hockey”:
We’re getting there. I don’t think we’re all the way there, but I think it’s a good sign. We’re winning games right now, and we know that we have some work to do and we can still get a lot better.

Toffoli, on the first road game coming on Thursday in San Jose:
It’s going to be a big game. They beat us in our rink opening night, and we’ve got to beat them in their rink.

Toffoli, on the steps the team took over the past week:
It’s good. It’s a lot better the way that we’re playing. We feel a lot more comfortable, and like I said, we have a lot more work to do. It’s early in the year. We weren’t panicking when we didn’t win the first three, and we’re not going to blow our heads here and get all excited about winning two straight. We’ve got to win a lot more than two games to make the playoffs and go from there.

Toffoli, on what can be better:
Just executing. Simple plays, simple passes and scoring more goals.

Brayden McNabb, on the penalty kill:
I mean, when there are that many penalties, we’ve got to be good. The one, we’ve got to be sharper on that. I think I’ve got to be better in front and take that puck away, but other than that, I thought we were pretty good.

McNabb, on what has allowed the team to improve its pace:
Just urgency. We knew we had to be better, and we have a lot of veteran guys in here. We know they lead by example, and we’ve just got to follow it and we’ll have success like this.

Jake Muzzin, on Jonathan Quick:
I’m sure everyone here knows he’s the number one guy. He competes every night. There’s a lot of heart, a lot of compete on the guy. He’s huge for us every night.

Muzzin, on what has generated more scoring opportunities:
Just simpler. Getting pucks in behind their D and then creating offense from there. Holding on to it, cycle game, bodies and pucks to the net and tips, rebounds, stuff like that. Causing chaos around the net. The more shots and the more opportunities we get, the more goals we’re going to get, as well.

Muzzin, on seeking “redemption” for Thursday’s game in San Jose:
That’s our mindset going into these practices here to get ready for that game. We’re going to need obviously a better effort than we had in the first game against them, and I think we’ve gotten better on our home stand here, and we’re looking forward to that game.

Muzzin, on what he liked about the way the defense played:
We battled. Big, heavy forwards on that squad. They had good, quick triangle plays down low and stuff like that, but JQ made some big saves for us, and we battled down low and moved the puck up, and that created some chances for us.

Muzzin, on blocking a shot on the penalty kill with his shin:
It’s good. Luckily my knee brace blocked it for me a little bit. It hurt. It was a little bit of a stinger, but it feels good.

Muzzin, on what has changed over the two most recent games:
We were trying to do too much, and our execution wasn’t clean. We scaled it down a little bit, chipped plays in, get pucks behind and go get it back to normal LA Kings hockey. It’s working for us.

Muzzin, on whether his game changes when he plays with Alec Martinez:
Well, Marty’s a lefty and Dewey’s a righty, so just passing on the point and in the zone and stuff like that through the neutral zone, you’ve got to obviously know that he’s a lefty instead of a righty. Other than that, not really. Just know where his backhand is as opposed to his forehand, stuff like that.