October 16 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On getting more offensive touches in the win:
Well, if you look at the second game, we were against Phoenix. It was like tonight’s game, but we didn’t win. Last game they scored the first goal and we didn’t. You don’t have the puck all the time. Unfortunately it’s measured in wins and losses. Tonight we scored the first goal.

On whether he likes three-on-three overtime more than four-on-four:
Yeah, I do. I’ve said that for anybody that listens. I’ve said that, that there’s going to be more decisions made in three-on-three than there would be four-on-four.

On making sure someone’s always “back” in three-on-three overtime:
It’s not really ‘back.’ You’ve got to cash in your opportunities. It’s not like you’re just going to somebody’s back – then you’re going to play in your own zone. There’s a good chance that when you have that quality of player on the ice that you’re going to get scored on.

On having a better energy in the first two periods:
I haven’t complained about our effort or energy ever.

On Derek Forbort’s debut:
I thought he settled in. I thought he made some good decisions with the puck. I think he has to play a more assertive, aggressive game and understand the strength of the players he’s playing against.

On an aggressive defense and attack:
We had a lot of attempts, I would think. Looking at it, I have to go through it, but I thought Jonathan was solid again. I think he’s bounced back from Game 1 and been really good for us. Gave us an opportunity to win all three now.

On who needs to “step up” in Dwight King’s absence:
Well, he’s a left winger, so all your left wingers. Somebody gets to play cause he’s out. Who were the left wingers tonight? Gabby, Lucic, Pearson and Clifford. As a group, nobody takes one player’s place. I think you do it as a group.

On the power play:
We had a lot of good looks, but we had net presence. The most important part is you’ve got to shoot the puck. If you don’t shoot, it won’t go in.

On an aggressive penalty kill:
Yeah, we put some pressure on it. Took three offensive zone penalties in the third period – tripping, boarding and a high-stick. They were all penalties. Just be thankful that we killed two of the three off.