October 12 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On changes in the team’s lines:
Yeah, we practiced it the day before and today, too. See if we can get something to click a little more. It’s more not necessarily balance. It’s more continuity in it, maybe. You don’t have to say colors during a game. You don’t say, ‘yellow line,’ or ‘red line.’ You kind of say three guys, which three guys. We need to get a little bit more out of ‘em. Not just from the offense part, but from the determination and trying to play in the O-zone more.

On Dustin Brown’s performance to start the season:
Yeah, he had a good training camp. He carried it into the regular season. I think the first two games, if you just go on identity, I think he’s played a physical game and he’s forechecked, and that’s what he has to do. I think our whole forward group can do a better job of that.

On being aware that the team is 0-2 after missing the playoffs narrowly last season:
Absolutely. I’m very cognizant of that, and I think the players are now, too. It’s really important. I mean, you can’t have highs and low in your season if you want to be a playoff team. We’ve played two teams already that weren’t playoff teams last year, so now we’re playing one tomorrow that was. Our game has to be ramped up a little bit.

On whether he can notice changes in the quality of the ice when it’s hot outside:
Yeah, the ice is [road apples], so if it’s warmer, then it’s just warmer [road apples]. That’s a fact. I mean, 20 minutes into our practice today, the ice was awful. The assistant coaches are out there with the old scrapers between goals, a lot. … Hey, it’s unseasonably hot.