October 3 postgame quotes: Sutter, Forbort - LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter, on the 4-0 win over Colorado:
Played a good, solid game. We had good speed. It was probably our best game in terms of going as five guys all the time. It just looked a little bit more connected in the game.

Sutter, on whether he likes where the team is at after the preseason:
Yeah. We’ve had a good attitude al the way through it. You know what? We’re trying to be a playoff team. Play like we’re a playoff team.

Sutter, on what he hoped to accomplish in the preseason:
You know, the last two or three games we tried to play guys more in their roles and situations more. Pretty comfortable with where we’re at with our forward group. Obviously we’re still waiting on those guys on the back end. See what goes on. There’s a lot of work to be done there.

Sutter, on the Forbort-Doughty pairing:
I thought our defense – Christian was good, Marty was good, that pair was good.

Derek Forbort, on whether he got what he wanted out of the preseason:
Yeah. I mean, I wanted to come in, and I wanted to compete my hardest and make the coaching staff make a difficult decision on me. That was my goal, and I guess we’ll see if I accomplished it.

Forbort, on his pairing with Drew Doughty:
I mean, it’s pretty easy to play with him. Obvoiusly one of the best defensemen in the league. He’s a really good leader out there, he talks a lot, he makes it easier on you to make plays ad make the right play.

Forbort, on his assertiveness in the win:
Yeah, I felt good. I felt confident. We got off to a good start, and I was able to keep it going.

Forbort, on aspects of his game we should watch this season:
I think my staples are obviously being good defensively and then making a good first pass to get the team out of the zone. As far as what I want to get better, getting pucks through at the point and adding a little more offense to my game.