September 26 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On when alignments move from different looks to more solidified lines and pairings:
You just think the way these three games are put together here. It’s three games in five days, so I like that. That gets most of your guys getting two of the three in, and the last game, because you only play one game in a week, I feel like if you play one game in seven games, and then the season starts on the eighth day, so I’m not really looking at the Vegas game. That’s not going to decide who’s wide or who’s where. These three games are really important for us.

On how many games he’d ideally like Jhonas Enroth to play in the preseason:
We talked about it last night. Depending on how much work Quicker had, we were either going to play him the whole game or part of the game. We want to get those guys in there instead of number one, [inaudible], and then number two, and away you go. I was right, so I’m not going to say how many ideally at all. If he’s dressing and he’s not starting, then I would say ‘Just be ready to go in,’ just as you would a regular season game. So that’s kind of how we do it. [Reporter: Because you never really put numbers on it, anyway, really.]No. And I think I’d like to get him a whole game, obviously, and one of these four we will, but we haven’t really looked at it like that. We just told ‘em who’s starting, and who’s backing up, and we’ll approach it like that. I want to be fair to Peter, too, because I respect guys that’ve played a long time. Got to be fair to him, too.