September 22 postgame quotes: Weal, Brown, Doughty - LA Kings Insider

Jordan Weal, on his overtime game-winning goal:
Well it was a great play by [O’Neill] to get the zone there and turn up. I thought I could just get in there for support and it worked its way up to Ehrhoff there at the point, who made a great shot, and lucky it found my stick and the back of the net, as well.

Weal, on whether he’s pleased with his performance in the preseason:
It’s been alright. I got a lot better, I know that. It’s just getting comfortable with the guys and the time and space out there. It’s still early in the year and every day you just have to keep getting better and hopefully by the end of the year, at playoff time, you’re top flight.

Weal, on the looks he received with Andy Andreoff to his left:
It was good. There were a couple times where we could’ve kept a little more O-zone pressure and hemmed them in a little more. But you’re going to have those games where the bounces aren’t quite going your way. We had a couple tough breaks in the offensive zone and defensive zone. It was a good effort by everybody and we got a win.

Weal, on whether he’s thinking about making the Kings’ roster:
Not so much, I’m just taking it day by day and, like I said, try and improve on every facet of my game day in and day out. If I do that, that will probably give me the best chance of making the team.

Dustin Brown, on how he feels after his first preseason game:
In a weird way, it’s about everything not really feeling good. Kind of once you get going, you don’t realize the nicks, the bruises and the bangs. Your body just kind of gets used to it. In these first couple games, you feel everything. A lot of these games are just timing and getting your body to where it can take the wear and tear and the bumps. Because no matter how hard you train in the offseason, or intrasquad, or practicing hard, there’s nothing like getting leaned on for 60 minutes.

Brown, on whether there is excitement playing in the preseason:
I think there’s a bit more focus, at least from tonight, from the guys that have been here. With everything that’s happened, I think guys are taking these preseason games with a little more weight and getting yourself more focused on what you need to do. We need to be ready to go right from the start and these preseason games will allow us to get where we need to be.

Drew Doughty, on playing 29 minutes in his first preseason game:
I didn’t notice. I don’t know, I felt good out there. I wasn’t tired, I’ll tell you that much. I felt good out there. I’ve still got some work to do. I’m obviously not at the top of my game right now with only one exhibition game under my belt, but it’ll come. I’ll keep working hard this preseason to have my best start I’ve ever had.

Doughty, on whether he’s working on intricacies of his game in the preseason:
Yeah, it’s just timing, defending. Even just maybe trying to do too much when you’re playing pickup hockey throughout the summer, you maybe sometimes develop some bad habits and try to make some fancy plays and I found that I did that a couple times tonight. So, I just have to get back to keeping it simple, getting the pucks to my forwards and joining the rush.

Doughty, on whether he enjoys playing with Anze Kopitar and Marian Gaborik in three-on-three:
Yeah, I think we can do a lot of damage. I guess we didn’t really create too, too much today. But we had some opportunities where you could something was going to happen and it just didn’t happen the way we wanted it. Yeah, I’m excited to play with those two in three-on-three. Hopefully we can finish every three-on-three in the first minute with that lineup. It probably won’t happen obviously, but that’s what we’re looking for.