September 21 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the team’s conduct initiatives:
I think it’s important. I think it’s something that’s probably gotten overlooked. It’s obviously been made more relevant, and when you’re able to do it, to have any sort of session or meeting or video or whatever it may be that’s pertaining to any of those situations and you have instead of just 25 guys here, it’s while everybody’s still here, to be able to try and get it … in place or to start some sort of format, it’s good.

On whether it’d have been beneficial to have similar player assistance while he played:
Just as an overview and to cut it short, it’s quite a bit different than when I was playing. For the most part, your teams were mid-20’s to 40. Now they’re teenagers to 35, so there’s a big, big difference. Big difference in what’s going on in the world, and big difference in your age group.

On coaching Brantt Myhres in San Jose:
I coached him twice, so I’m pretty familiar, and we’re obviously from not that far apart from where we were raised in Alberta, so we sort of understand the backgrounds.

On Arizona’s preseason schedule last year:
Remember we had the doubleheader, and then they played in Anaheim, I believe, and then they had to go all the way to Sylvan Lake. Remember, they played four games in whatever it was, like four days or something.

On less travel in this year’s preseason schedule:
It’s actually not less. It’s one game less, but we’re still doing Colorado, still doing Vegas, still doing Anaheim, so it’s not much different. Last year it was Colorado Springs, this year’s Denver. The elevation’s good, I think.