A quick check-in with the captain; Day one video - LA Kings Insider

Brown, on the importance of winning divisional games:
Regardless of how competitive it is, your division games are always more important just based on pure math. If you win all your division games, you’re probably going to be in the playoffs regardless because you’re pushing those teams down below you. I think since the new format, there’s been more of an onus on those division games, which is probably how it should be. In years past the division games, unless you were really close, didn’t make a difference because you still found a way in.

Brown, on being away from competition, and using it to the team’s benefit:
I think it helps. This is day one, so every player goes through a transition. I think getting a rest mentally and physically for this team can be an advantage if we use it properly. On the flip side of that, regardless, day one, the first four or five days on the ice, you don’t feel very good out there , and that’s because there’s not much you can do to get ready even for those scrimmages. There’s not anything that can replicate that in a gym or off the ice, or even on the ice, until you’re ready to get bumped, which you don’t do until Day 1.

Brown, on seeing a nutritionist, and how that has helped:
I mean, it makes a huge difference for me. It’s pretty basic stuff – just no processed food, essentially. It’s one thing to feel good in the summer time, so I’ve been sticking with it and I’ve felt really good. This is probably the best I’ve felt in seven, eight years. Now you’ve got to turn that into better performances on the ice. [Reporter: When you say ‘no processed foods,’ what types of stuff are you eating, and what is sort of the difference in terms of feeling, in general?] I have more energy is probably the easiest way to describe it. Processed foods – breads and types of sugar, unless it’s natural, like fruits and vegetables are all fine. It’s pretty much fruits, vegetables and meat, and a little bit of starch here and there. But no cereal, no dairy is another good one for me. [Reporter: It’s tough to avoid all that in a house with four kids, isn’t it?] Yeah, that’s why I get all my meals delivered, so I don’t have to worry about it. [Reporter: Have the kiddies tried to sample out of your meals?] Well, the three boys, actually all four of them like the expensive stuff. They all like the steak and the salmon. They like all the protein, pretty much.

Brown, on the impact of Milan Lucic’s leadership in the room:
Quite honest, I don’t really know him all that well yet. But just knowing how big of a part of it he was in Boston, I’m sure like any time you get a guy like that, it always helps, especially considering the turnover we’ve had here. We’ve always had a group here that does it. It’s never been one guy or a couple guys. It’s always been a group, and that’ll continue. I think more importantly, you have a guy like that come in, it’s an opportunity for guys like Drew and Lewie to take a leadership role with this team.