High school hockey website, practice photos, etc. - LA Kings Insider

A friendly reminder: LAKI is checking out for a few days. This isn’t a typical “vacation”; I’ll be monitoring the site and providing updates, should there be any, and should they occur in the daytime hours I’m free. I’m not expecting major news, but the typical releases you see at this time of the year (see: the broadcast schedule and details) should be coming out relatively soon. Also, Christian Ehrhoff is in town, so his signing is likely to become press release-official in the coming days (assuming he passes his medical/physical, which would be expected).

A few notes:

-The LA Kings High School Hockey League website is now up and running. It’s still in the process of being filled out, but once we get closer to the start of the season, news, notes, statistics, league forms and a message board will all be hosted there.

-A reminder: Single game tickets go on sale a week from Monday.

-Simpsons lovers will enjoy this; those indifferent to the Simpsons will roll their eyes and shake a fist (shake harder, boy!). I spoke earlier this week with Mike Scully, a writer, producer and former showrunner for The Simpsons who wrote Lisa On Ice, which endures as one of the greatest sports episodes of any television show ever produced, as well as one of the best Lisa-themed Simpsons episodes. Scully (like Dean Lombardi), grew up in the Springfield, Massachusetts area and was an ardent Springfield Kings fan when they were affiliated with Los Angeles in the organization’s infancy. We spoke about The Simpsons, the Kings, and how his own hockey background helped influence Lisa on Ice. I’m excited to write this feature, which will probably go up next Wednesday.

-I snapped a few photos at yesterday’s informal skate, which saw Milan Lucic get onto the ice to join his teammates. As I will repeat time and time again for the next nine months, please excuse the blurriness.

Jonathan Quick and Ryan Miller

Jarret Stoll in a Kings practice jersey, Rangers gloves and pants

Milan Lucic from the back

Lucic drives the net on Jonathan Quick

Lucic and Alex Lintuniemi