Grantland Features: Knuckles vs Numbers (Video) - LA Kings Insider

Grantland Features posted an excellent video earlier Wednesday that highlighted the divide in the interpretation of whether enforcers are still valuable to NHL teams. Brian McGrattan, Colton Orr and Paul Bissonnette were consulted to provide a firsthand personification of how their roles are defined, with game footage from Manchester used in helping to tell a story. Former Kings coach and ESPN broadcaster Barry Melrose was featured, as was Grantland writer Sean McIndoe (who many of you also know as Down Goes Brown) in addition to several prominent hockey bloggers, who cite analytics in arguing that enforcers do not help a team. It’s a great watch:

In trivial minutiae, there’s certainly some kind of joke that could be made relating to the Kings’ shootout woes. I’ll leave that up to you guys. (via Deadspin)