NHL Draft Lottery video, near-misses - LA Kings Insider

There are conspiracy theorists out there, though many of them were silenced when the Edmonton Oilers won the NHL Draft Lottery on Saturday. If there’s anyone who still needs a confirmation that the lottery did, in fact, occur, here is a perfectly good way to waste nine minutes of a Monday.

It was interesting to consult the lottery chart after watching the video to see which teams still had a shot at the first overall pick when the final ball was raised. Balls 5, 14 and 6 were drawn first – with no 5/14 winning combinations, the Kings were eliminated on the second ball – and before the 1 was drawn, Buffalo, Toronto, Carolina, Columbus and Edmonton were still alive, with the Sabres and Maple Leafs clinging to the best odds.

Listed below is the winning ball and the teams that would have been awarded the first overall pick had their corresponding number been drawn:

2 – Toronto
3 – Buffalo
4 – Carolina
7 – Toronto
8 – Toronto
9 – Columbus
10 – Edmonton
11 – Buffalo
12 – Buffalo
13 – Toronto

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