Poll: Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup? - LA Kings Insider

So this may be a touchy and controversial subject for some. Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup?

Yes, we all know everyone in this forum would prefer THE KINGS to win the Stanley Cup, but the Kings weren’t one of the 16 teams to qualify for the playoffs this season. Do you pull for a second team? Is it wrong to pull for a “second team”? Are there any other favorite players or coaches that you might be paying particular attention to and rooting for? Are you of the “Whoever Is Playing The Ducks” mindset? Do you pull for Pacific Division or Western Conference teams? Do you care about division or conference superiority? Are you insecure about the Kings’ legacy, and would you prefer that a one-Cup team doesn’t win for the second time? These are a lot of questions; you don’t have to answer all of them.

LAKI says: How about Calgary? The Flames’ story has been among the most compelling in hockey this season, and there’s nothing really wrong with watching Johnny Gaudreau, a budding American star, have a nice month-long run, is there?

There’s a March Madness-style bracket challenge on NHL.com where you can make your own predictions. Fill out a bracket here and upload it to the comments section below.

Here’s mine, which is wrong: