April 10 media availability: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On how the Kings will approach tomorrow’s game:
We’re still the defending champions, and we’re going to play like champions.

On tomorrow’s game potentially being the final game for several Kings:
You guys can do all the melodrama stuff if you want. I’m not into that. We’re into winning tomorrow. Teams change after every season. [Reporter: They were just talking about wrapping it up the right way.] Yeah, absolutely. Hey, we’ve been a great home ice team, and we will be one tomorrow. That’s not a bold statement, it’s just how we’ve been all year. It allowed us to stay in the playoff race.

On whether he’ll rest any players who are “banged up”:
No, they get lots of rest, and there is nobody banged up that’s surgery-needing. I don’t want to talk about that stuff, because you know what? Then somebody gets hurt, right? There’s nobody right now that would be in that situation, so other than obviously Sekera was a big loss for us. [Reporter: That stuff comes out later, usually.] I don’t think there is anybody. There isn’t. Honestly, as of today, there wouldn’t be. Everybody we took on the trip was available to play other than Tanner. Everybody that we took was 100% going into games, other than Greener taking that axe last night. How’d they miss that? Friggin’ cut from the top of his [head], there-to-there. [Reporter: The ref was right there, too. It was in the corner, huh?] I know. The one apologized to him, and the other one said he didn’t see it. [Reporter: It looked like heavy stitching that was done up there. That was a deep cut.] He looked like one of those old sewing machines at the shoemakers, right? Jeez. I looked at him in between periods – I walked in there, I was just over something – I looked at him, and he was friggin’ [cut] there-to-there…Poor bugger. It’s always one of your best – not a good memory, but it’s the best ones – that when you think about Greener, it’s the blood on his face. [Reporter: It’s that picture of him-] Yeah, lots. I’m thinking of that one in Vancouver, remember when he was leaking oil, and his skate was literally pouring out of it…It’s like dripping out the bottom of his skate. Remember? Jeez. [Reporter: There’s a picture of him where he’s got his face-] Yeah, there’s one in the trainer’s room.

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