Voynov: Surgery for torn achilles; trial delayed - LA Kings Insider

Slava Voynov suffered a torn Achilles tendon in a recreational activity and underwent successful surgery last week to repair it, Kings hockey operations confirmed to LA Kings Insider on Wednesday.

The injury, first referenced in the commenting section of an LA Kings Insider story last week, came to light when the defenseman arrived at his pre-trial hearing for his felony domestic violence charge using crutches and wearing a “bulky white cast on his right leg almost reaching his knee,” according to LA Times reporter Nathan Fenno.

Rich Hammond of the OC Register has an update of today’s pretrial hearing. The main points: Voynov’s trial will be delayed until early July as Judge Eric Taylor will eventually rule on whether Voynov’s wife, Marta Varlamova, will have to testify in the case.

From Hammond:

Deputy District Attorney Frank Dunnick sought to have Varlamova testify during Wednesday’s hearing, but her lawyer, Irvine-based Michael Walsh, said she would not answer any questions under oath.

Walsh told Taylor that Varlamova ”does not wish to explain or justify’’ why she doesn’t want to testify, and added, ”The goal is to protect these victims from not going through the trauma of testifying about the event.’’

In ancillary concerns, recoveries from torn Achilles tendons generally take upwards of four months, according to a medical professional. Until legal proceedings are completed, it is too early to foresee how the injury will influence future Kings personnel decisions.

For more coverage of today’s pretrial hearing, refer to the Twitter timelines of Nathan Fenno, Larry Altman and Rich Hammond.