Sutter on shorthanded goals, older buildings, the standings - LA Kings Insider

On what Tyler Toffoli has done to generate shorthanded opportunities:
Most of ‘em are odd-man opportunities, and you score on ‘em. [Reporter: Any type of pressure on the defense?] No. If you looked at the last one, I mean, are they all the same? I would say they’re all significantly different. Jeff Carter won a faceoff, Drew Doughty made a good play to Jake Muzzin, Jake Muzzin made a good play to Jeff Carter, and Tyler Toffoli just had to tap it into the net. That’s how I saw it, so I’m not sure how it looked from anywhere else.

On what he saw from Minnesota in the first period last night:
I didn’t. [Reporter: You didn’t see the first at all?] No. Didn’t see the game. We play ‘em lots. We see ‘em quite a bit. Their lineup hasn’t changed dramatically. Their coaches haven’t changed. Their system hasn’t changed. The building hasn’t changed. It’s a tough building to play in. It’d be the best team we’d play on this trip, other than your favorite teams.

On what Los Angeles has done differently on this road trip:
Nothing. We’ve played the same way. Score [on] one more chance a game, bear down on it. We’ve still got a lot of guys who haven’t scored a goal since Jesus was a baby, so we’re probably not doing anything different.

On whether Xcel Energy Center is one of his favorite newer buildings:
No. We go to the best building in the league when we leave here. Teams that recapture their old buildings are the best buildings. [Reporter: It’s not easy to do in this day and age.] No. That’s why Madison Square Garden, even though it’s an old building, it’s a new building with old history in it. New buildings don’t have any history in ‘em. [Reporter: So you’re a fan of the place you just came from, then, probably.] The Islanders’ building? It’s a great building. The loudest building we’ve played in this year down at the level. It’s better than some of the other buildings we play in. I hope that they can find a way to continue to play there. Actually, it was awesome when we were there because all the interviewers were about ‘it’s the last time we’d play there.’ I guess nobody thinks we’re going to make the playoffs and the Islanders have no chance of getting to the finals, so there was not a chance Los Angeles and New York can ever play a game there again. The biggest problem we’ve got with this road trip? We’ve got some guys who travel with us that think they’ve only got two weeks left in their season. So that’s our biggest problem, is trying to keep them motivated. Not the team, it’s friggin’ all the nice planes and all those nice meals and hotels. It’s hard for some guys to think that they’ve only got a few days left. It’s quite funny, actually.

On whether he pays attention to the standings at this time of the year:
Yeah, I get up and go to the bathroom at like three in the morning. … Well, you’ve got to do it in the middle of the night because there are still games going on. I go to bed so early. With shootouts and overtimes now, you take another half hour out of here, the schedules. It’s a great league. You make the playoffs just based on – what do you call it? A play after the game. Teams that are best on plays after the games, and we’ve got to make the playoffs. [Reporter: Beauty contest.] Yeah.