March 21 postgame quotes: Vancouver - LA Kings Insider

Jannik Hansen, on whether this victory can help them in the playoffs:
You can’t use anything. We just play. But again, it’s obviously a team we could end up running into, and again, having it in the back of your mind that they’re beatable because they haven’t been up until today. It’s always a nice thing, but again, every game is a new game.

Hansen, on the skirmish between Henrik Sedin and Jonathan Quick:
We wouldn’t have like it either if someone would’ve run Eddie [Lack] like that. It’s a spirited game and you have to play in those areas if you want to score on goalies in this league. Again, we were there and we were getting some goals off of it.

Nick Bonino, on whether they were focused on winning battles throughout the game:
It’s what we needed. They’re a heavy team and they win the boards. They want to chip it in. They want to hit your D. So our D did a good job going backward out of our zone a lot quicker than we have been lately. Like you said, we out-battled them.

Bonino, on whether Henrik Sedin was making a necessary play when he collided with Jonathan Quick:
It’s a playoff game, yeah, for sure. That’s how you win playoff games, you play hard. We all thought there was going to be a goalie fight there. That would’ve been fun to see, but when you’ve got your two leaders going to the net like that, hard and getting their noses dirty, it’s always a good feeling on the bench.

Bonino, on the reaction on the bench to Tyler Toffoli’s hit on Alexandre Burrows:
It obviously wasn’t happy. I personally haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t comment. But some of the other guys said it was pretty bad. To see him come back on the bench at the end there, he’s a tough guy and happy he’s hopefully not very hurt.

Eddie Lack, on the magnitude of the win:
Huge, I mean the two years I’ve played for this team we haven’t won down here yet. So you can just take a look at the standings to know the importance of the games. It’s a very big win for our team.

Lack, on whether it was an especially intense game:
Yeah, especially after the game, I kind of looked behind me and I had a lot of fingers pointing at me and stuff like that. It was obviously a big game for everyone.

Lack, on skating to the red-line after seeing Henrik Sedin and Jonathan Quick scuffle:
They were six-against-five and I kind of felt like Henrik pitchforked him a little bit but I didn’t feel like he kind of had the puck. So it’s just a lot to go up there and show myself a little bit. [Reporter: You said you had a reach advantage.] Yeah, but he’s probably a little bit meaner of guy than I am.

Willie Desjardins, on whether he was happy with his team driving towards the net:
You have to pay a price against these guys. They play so hard and they’re just a big, strong team and they won’t give you anything. So if you don’t battle, you won’t get it. That was certainly one of our things we talked about was having to battle against these guys.

Desjardins, on Tyler Toffoli’s hit on Alexandre Burrows:
I didn’t get a look at it. It was right along the wall and I haven’t looked at it yet. [Reporter: He left the game for a while and came back, so presumably he’s OK?] I don’t know about that either. We’ll have to see. We’ll have to evaluate him. He only had one shift so we’ll have to evaluate him again.

Desjardins, on what he thought about Eddie Lack skating to center ice to challenge Jonathan Quick:
I thought he should probably go back to his net.