March 21 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether the loss was due to the Kings’ inability to score a big goal:
No, I thought it was a hell of a hockey game. We missed some great opportunities probably, three or four when you’re in cold. It was a hell of a game. Not much you can do about it.

On what he saw on Tyler Toffoli’s boarding call and game misconduct:
Couldn’t see. Everybody’s taller than me. Seriously. When we’re killing a penalty, you just watch the play go in, and you don’t see that. [Reporter: Do you know if it was a frustration hit at all after he missed the shorthanded goal?] You just asked me that and I said I couldn’t see it. That would be a true answer.

On uncharacteristically allowing 42 shots on goal against:
Lots from the outside, lots on the power play, Jon. I mean, you’re going up there ‘tick, tick, tick,’ just like me. Once in a while that happens. It wasn’t how many shots that beat us, that’s for sure.

On whether the Kings played with a lack of discipline:

On what he says to the team before a challenging road trip:
Set the clock ahead. We’ve got a long flight tonight and a time change. There’s no magic in it.

On a close game:
Yeah, it was a close game. It was a one-one game going into the third. As I said, we had some great chances, and that’s sort of how it’s been. We’ve been playing really well but not scoring enough, so you’ve just got to find ways to score goals.

On whether changing lines around could spur the offense:
No, not change the lines. Right down the middle with Stolly out, you can’t really do much with Kopi. You’ve got to leave Kopi and Jeff at center, and quite honest, the lines were really good tonight. I thought we played really well.

On whether there’s a Jarret Stoll update:
No, he’s riding the bike and following the- [Reporter: Protocol?] Yeah.

On how close Tanner Pearson is to returning:
Tanner was a 10-to-12 weeks, so you know when he got hurt, so that’s 10-to-12 weeks and that’s the middle of April by my count.

On whether he has been pleased with the young centers in the lineup:
You know what? You’ve got to produce. At the end of the day, we’ve got guys who’ve played 20-something games, and we’re into the stretch part and they’ve got one or no goals. So we’re talking about having trouble scoring, guys have got to produce. That’s just being honest.

On a challenging road trip:
Yeah it is, but we get to the east and get three in New York. The only way it could work better is if you got the three New York teams and then caught Chicago and then Minny on the way back. Actually, you can’t complain about the trip. Everybody likes to play in New York, and we play three of ‘em over there.