February 27 postgame quotes: Greene, Brown, Carter - LA Kings Insider

Matt Greene, on what led to them surrendering a two-goal lead:
We just gave up too much. I think they had a press going there and we didn’t respond to it. We weren’t getting pucks out of our zone, they capitalized. That’s just unacceptable on our part to blow that lead.

Greene, on how the team responds to the loss:
We’ve just got to keep winning. I think we’ve got ourselves in a position where we’re back in the hunt. Now we can’t let our foot off the gas. These last two games haven’t been to the level that they were at and we’ve got to get back to that level in a hurry here with two more on the road.

Greene, on Anaheim not being a team they can sit back against once they have a lead:
No, there is not a single team that you can just sit back and collect points and not play the third period. That’s the case in point tonight. They’re a good team, but you can’t do that against anybody. We’ve got to be better than that. We’ve got to continue playing our game, continue getting pucks deep and forechecking teams. That’s how we play. That’s how we have success, is grinding teams down. We didn’t do that.

Dustin Brown, on whether he is concerned about the consistency of the team’s play:
Win eight in a row and then lose two and you guys think it’s consistency. It’s just playing our game. We didn’t play our game for a full 60. So, I don’t know really what you want me to say about consistency. No one was questioning that two games ago. [Reporter: As we’ve seen, things change quickly.] It’s the National Hockey League. If you don’t play 60 good minutes, then you’re not going to win the game.

Brown, on whether the team considers it an unlucky game:
I wouldn’t consider it unlucky. The Ducks are a good team. There is a reason they’ve won the division for a couple years in a row now. A part of it is how we played. I think the longer the season goes on, the less luck plays a part. Lucky teams aren’t generally down and out.

Brown, on the team’s performance:
I don’t think we managed the puck very well tonight. I thought we made some good plays coming out of our zone, which allowed us to relieve the pressure but when we’re a really good team we move the puck really quickly and we’re really connected coming out of the zone. We weren’t doing that tonight. Part of it is our passing is a little off and part of it is they’re a good forechecking team and we to learn – not learn – but handle the pressure better as wingers and centers and defensemen.

Brown, Anaheim not being a team they can sit back against once they have a lead:
I’d imagine they’re one of the better records in come from behind victories. [Reporter: This is their 10th.] So I’d imagine that leads the league or pretty close to the top. Again, it’s about handling the pressure.

Brown, on whether the team learns anything from the loss:
If you’re not learning, you’re not getting any better. So there is always individually and collectively as a team… I think we understand what we need to correct.

Jeff Carter, on what has led to losses in the last two games:
I think we’ve slowly started to get away from our game a little bit, get away from the things that were winning us games previously. This is a tough one. Joner played really good for us tonight and gave us a chance to get ahead. At this point in the year we’re blowing third period leads, it’s tough to take because we need all the points we can get right now.

Carter, on whether Anaheim got the better of them on the forecheck:
No, I think they did what they normally do. They’re just as big and physical as us. Every time we play them, they’re on the forecheck hard and they did a good job of it. You’ve got to give them credit, they played a solid game. We weren’t really up to par tonight.

Carter, on Andrej Sekera’s performance:
He’s solid. I’ve done it a couple of times. It’s never easy to come in in the middle of the year and new systems, new teammates. Maybe it helped him a little bit playing with Reg because they’re a little familiar together, but it’s never easy. I thought he was solid. He’s going to keep getting better and better as he gets more comfortable and kind of gets the system going a little bit more.

Carter, on what the team takes away from the loss:
Not much really. Like I said, we were up 2-0 after two periods but I think a big part of that was the play of Joner. He made some big saves and we know we have to be better than we were the last couple of games and we will be.