February 26 postgame quotes: Ottawa - LA Kings Insider

Dave Cameron, on whether this was a big win:
Yes. Anytime you beat the Stanley Cup Champs it’s a huge win.

Cameron, on the team’s solid effort:
When you consider the back-to-back, yea. We went to the well, everybody contributed, and our goalie was really good.

Mike Hoffman, on the victory:
The boys are feeling good as you can tell in our play. We’re playing solid and we’re playing well in the D-zone. Our goalie has been our best player the last couple of games, which definitely helps coming into the California trip because these teams are pretty good. Everyone is stepping up and playing hard.

Hoffman, on Andrew Hammond’s performance:
He played a great game. Like I said, he was our best player tonight so great for him. He made a lot of clutch saves when we needed him and he was definitely one of the biggest parts of why we won this game.

Andrew Hammond, on the game:
They’re one of the best teams in the league and I thought they put in a pretty good effort tonight. They play hard nose hockey and when a team plays like that it’s a lot about competing and battling. For the most part tonight, I was in a good position to create a platform to battle from. I wasn’t really chasing too much. The team in front of me played such a good style of hockey against that club. There were a few saves that I had to make but that’s just hockey. You need your goaltender to make some saves.

Hammond, on his recent play:
The biggest thing for me is that I feel like I’m finally at a point where I kind of have structure in my game. I’m actually able to have success now. It’s not just something where you’re feeling good one night and things are happening. I feel like I have, I don’t want to call it a formula, but I have the idea of how I need to play to be successful. I’m getting some bounces right now and that’s not going to continue forever, but you just have to ride it while it does and I’m just trying to have fun with it.

-Quotes provided by LA Kings PR