February 14 postgame quotes: Quick, Lewis, King - LA Kings Insider

Jonathan Quick, on the “complete team effort”:
I mean, they all are. They’re no different, obviously. They’re a good team – Washington’s a great team. They play hard, they’ve got some great, skilled players, a great goalie. It’s a big two points.

Quick, on the King-Carter-Toffoli line:
They’re three players you rely on to make plays for you, and they’ve certainly been doing it for the last few games. They’ve been doing it really well for us. Hopefully they continue doing that [and] we carry this momentum into the next game.

Quick, on whether anything has changed over the last four games, or whether the Kings have been doing the same things but are now finding results:
That’s tough. We always work, we always come prepared. I’d like to think that we bring the same game every game, sometimes results go your way, sometimes they don’t.

Quick, on whether the win was as complete of a win as they’ve had all season:
I mean, it’s a win. I don’t know how many times we’ve done that this year, but that’s what it takes to win.

Trevor Lewis, on what was going through his mind during his goal scoring drought:
I’m just trying not to push the goal scoring too hard, because that’s when you lose your detail and the defensive side of things, and I think that’s a big part of my game. I just try to stay working hard. I was still getting some chances, so I knew they were bound to go in at one point.

Lewis, on whether he was thinking about going forehand-backhand during the entire play:
I mean, I was kind of thinking about it because Baggy made the pass over. I knew he would have to slide over, so I thought if I could get around him, I might have a good chance of having most of the net.

Lewis, on whether anything has changed over the last four games, or whether the Kings have been doing the same things but are now finding results:
I think so, I think it’s more on a consistent basis now, and trying to not give up those lapses where they get a couple goals. Yeah, I think we can build on this again and keep going.

Dwight King, on scoring goals in three straight games:
Yeah, they’re bouncing for me right now. Obviously our line is creating a lot of chances. Tonight was just a rebound that sat in a perfect place for me, but I like the way we played.

King, on the success with Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli:
Obviously they’re familiar with each other. They play a pretty up-pace game. Move, get open, and they’re easy to read off for me. I’m just kind of jumping in, trying to create a little more space out there and give ‘em the puck when they’re open.

King, on whether there is “renewed focus” to score goals in the blue paint:
A little bit of renewed focus. I think if you’d break down goals in this league, the majority of them come from there. For guys like myself, probably 99% of them come from there. The more you get there, the better opportunities you have.

King, on whether Washington is one of the harder teams in the league to play against:
Yeah, they’re big and fast, I think that’s the big thing. They move well, they’re hard on pucks and they’ve got a lot of offense, so they’re tough to play against.

King, on the balanced scoring:
It’s nice. It’s nice to see the other lines getting some pucks going their way. Obviously I think they’ve had some looks, but to get them to go in, I think that really helps their confidence, and we can build on that.

King, on whether the Kings wanted “revenge” after a poor showing in Washington last week:
I wouldn’t go as far as revenge. Obviously you want to even out the series, but it’s a team that we don’t play a ton. As of right now we’re just trying to collect points. We’re not too worried about who we’re playing as long as we have the result we want.