February 11 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On looking to take momentum from the end of the road trip:
Just taking it a game at a time. That’s the best way, the best approach for everybody.

On whether the last few games have given him the impression that “the process” is working:
We’ve been an exceptional home team and a not exceptional road team. Basically we come home now for…three again, and work at that.

On Robyn Regehr playing through illness in Columbus:
Well, we’ve seen it with players this year – I think the last time we were in Calgary, actually – with guys who played sick and just played. Some guys can play when they’re like that, some guys can’t. I think that was Jeff in Calgary last time, Robyn the other night.

On whether Lance Bouma is developing into the player he envisioned when drafting him:
I think he was a really solid power forward junior, and a player that was going to take some time but had all the intangibles to play, and he would because of those, and now he does. I think I remember, when you talk about him, didn’t he play on a Memorial Cup team? Or a team that went to the Mem Cup? And he was a big part of that team, so he’s come into that role now too.

On what he has seen from Derek Forbort this year:
I’d seen him for about 10 days in training camp. [Reporter: Anything in particular when you were watching Manchester games via the AHL Live, what he has been able to do thus far?] He was getting some experience as a second-year player. Playing minutes, playing more situations. I think he’s got probably, what, about 120, 130 games under his belt now? Experience would be the main thing coming out of school, just like every other defenseman. He’s not unlike any other young player who comes out of college or junior. Unless you’re somebody who jumps into the lineup as a high-first round pick, it usually takes two or three years. That’s what Derek’s doing. I think you’d get a better read talking to Mike Futa, probably. We called Derek up because obviously we’re in a situation that we’ve been in all year where we need defensemen.