January 31 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Los Angeles’ strong execution in the 3-1 loss:
I thought we played really well. It’s just, you know what? You don’t get many opportunities – either team, against each other – and we probably had some real high, what we’d call grade-A chances. You’ve got to bury one of them, and we weren’t able to.

On the physicality and intensity of the game:
It was an X-and-O game. Both teams play so much alike, and if you look at the goal we scored, they’d like it back, and the two goals they scored, one’s a screen – Campbell gets ahead of Brayden out of the corner – and he and Brayden are both screening Quicker so he doesn’t see it, and the second one, I think it was a tip goal. Is it? [Reporter: Kelly, yeah.] It’s a disappointing game. The outcome’s disappointing. [Reporter: Not the effort.] Yeah.

On whether the game was a Western Conference-style game, similar to Kings-Blues:
It’s a Kings-Bruins game…We’re similar teams, so you’re going get similar games. Not many penalties, and just an honest game. [Reporter: Just march on to the next one.] Yep. A couple days.