Good morning, San Jose - LA Kings Insider

Good morning from San Jose, where it’s a chilly Monday Tuesday Wednesday morning.

En route to dinner last night, my company and I discussed that it felt like a Sunday night in sleepy San Jose. The subdued atmosphere around town was a different feeling from what we felt during last year’s playoff series, and given that there were tables available at the terrific craft beer house / gastropub we ate at, it just gave off the vibe of a Sunday. Or a Tuesday. When you’re this far into a season, especially after a holiday weekend in which many people aren’t working, and you’re generally at work seven days a week, calendar vertigo sets in. “What day of the week is this,” you find yourself asking. “Were there lots of young hockey players and families scurrying about at Toyota Sports Center? No? It was quiet when the Kings took the ice? OK, it must be a weekday morning. Tuesday, perhaps.”

Of course, given that tonight’s game is the final game before the All-Star Break, one would think that today is the scheduling equivalent of a Friday afternoon (amongst the scribes, broadcasters and media relations staffs, at least). Don’t expect the Kings to cut class.

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Bailey is captaining an All-Star Team.

Yes, it’s an All-Star team of mascots, but he/she/it is an All-Star, nonetheless. It’s the very first NHL Mascot Showdown, and Bailey will be one of 13 Western Conference mascots taking on 13 Eastern Conference mascots in broomball, dodgeball, a dance-off, relay races, an actual hockey-type game, and more. I’m excited to see the chemistry between buddies Bailey and SJ Sharkie, though as an Expos admirer from afar, is it possible to root against Youppi!?

There is a lot more to come throughout the day – audio bits from the Sharks’ room, morning skate notes, Darryl Sutter quotes, stories and game previews to help prepare you for tonight’s big rivalry tilt. Stay tuned, Insiders.

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