January 3 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the “rollercoaster” ending:
It wasn’t a roller coaster. We scored three goals in the last two minutes. I don’t think that’s a rollercoaster.

On what was “lacking” for the team:
I don’t think any of it was lacking. I thought it was an exciting game.

On any importance to the three-goal comeback, or whether he looks at the seven goals against:
No, we got a point. That’s the way hockey works, right? You get a point. I though after – I told our players several times tonight – it was going to take seven goals to win. I was right.

On Nashville and Los Angeles being good defensive teams:
Both teams are good checking teams, but I think that Nashville is a step ahead of us in all that, not just tonight, but a step ahead of that because they all do it. We talked about it earlier about how their defense, that’s an elite defense.

On how this impacts a potential playoff series between the teams, might they meet:
Well, our schedule – we do see them again. Not ‘we might,’ we do. We do play them again.

On why he pulled Jonathan Quick after three goals:
Because I thought if Jonathan only gave up three and Marty only gave up three, then we’d have to score seven. It was a little earlier than I thought, but that’s what happened.

On whether the team had jump in the final minutes that it lacked earlier:
No. The other team scored seven goals on 25 shots and we scored six on 30.

On where the breakdown occurred on Roman Josi’s goal:
Josi? I think that was Jeff’s guy, Jeff’s coverage.

On whether he goes into games thinking that it could be higher scoring than usual:
Yeah, that’s what I said. I just told you… I thought we were going to have to score seven goals to win the game, and I was just about right.

On whether he has any thoughts to the upcoming Kings-Rangers game:
Nope. Long ways away. That was a long time ago.