December 30 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether the Kings didn’t play with enough “desperation”:
Yeah, I don’t think ‘desperation’ would be the right word. I think we played last night and got stuck on a plane*, and against a fresh team and that’s what happens a little bit. We battled back, played hard.

On Ben Scrivens having to change the color of his stick tape:
It’s a rule. You have to have white tape on your stick. [Reporter: Did you just notice it then in the shootout?] No. If you check the books, he played for us.

On whether he knew Drew Doughty’s goal was in immediately:
Drew said it was. Carts said something about just the sound of it. It didn’t sound right…They were going to review it anyway. I mean, the league at the first whistle was going to call back, for sure. So, it’s really got nothing to do with us. We’re not calling that.

On whether the Kings received a boost from the clock being reset after Drew Doughty’s goal:
Well, it gave us another – what did it jump at? We get 30 seconds or so added on? Any time when you’re down in a game, if you can get more time on the clock, it’s good. We had the same referee as last night, and I was mad because there was an offside in the third period last night that we lost three seconds on it. So, at the end of the game last night, in a two-one game, instead of it being eight-tenths, it should’ve been 3.8. But that’s what happens.

*The Kings were delayed on the tarmac for an hour and 45 minutes due to mechanical issues while leaving Calgary last night.