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Scott Cruickshank: Johnny Hockey’s natural hat-trick leads Flames out of slump

“Giordano scored in the extra period to lift the Flames to an improbable — and eight-game-losing-streak-busting — 4-3 decision Monday at the Staples Center.”


Wes Gilbertson: Johnny Hockey sparks incredible Flames comeback

“The only bad news for Johnny Hockey, who was sporting the Flames’ fire helmet award, is that the overtime session didn’t leave much time to rush to LAX and catch a red-eye home for a few days of holiday celebrations.”

Wes Gilbertson: Stanley Cup-winning strength coach found way back home to Calgary Flames

“For the past three NHL campaigns, it was his job to ensure Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar, Jonathan Quick and the rest of the Kings were in tip-top shape for a lengthy spring fling.”


Ryan Pike: Post-Game: Johnny Gaudreau Saves Christmas

“The Calgary Flames take a 18-15-3 record into the four-day Christmas break. To be honest, regardless of how streaky the team’s been, I’m pretty [darn] impressed by a club in Year Two of a rebuild being this decent so early.”

Byron Bader: A Flames Saving Grace: The Powerplay

“By taking few penalties and having a huge penalty drawn/penalty taken differential they are positioning themselves to score much more special team goals than their opposition.”


Mike FAIL: Flames vs Kings – Johnny Hat-trick

“Though they are regressing they do not give up the fight nor will they ever. These Calgary Flames are the most exciting Calgary Flames of the last 10 years.”

arii: Flames at Kings stats recap: All hail our lord and saviour Johnny Gaudreau

“Gaudreau’s third goal that went in off of Drew Doughty was insanely lucky. This game never should have made it to overtime, but the Flames were long overdue for the bounces to go their way.”