November 26 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the decision to start Martin Jones:
When we went into the trip, it was kind of both ways. I thought about it last week – about two things with Marty – was getting him back-to-back games, and getting him a win on the road. My thinking was if he played well last night, I was going to come right back with him, and then on Jonathan’s side, I thought if he played in Dallas, and then if you look at the trip, we don’t play Saturday-to-Saturday back home, so it gives him almost six days.

On the four goals coming off rush chances:
I thought we defended well. We checked well tonight. I think we had good sticks more than anything.

On Tyler Toffoli capitalizing on a turnover to score:
Toffoli’s goal? I think Brown’s was an outnumbered goal, also, outnumbered rush. Most of ‘em come from defending the rush and checking, though. [Reporter: Does that change the way you play in the second and third, then, when you’ve got a four-goal lead?] No, I think we missed a lot of opportunities.

On players referencing that winning on the road would help their psyche:

You know what…I don’t even look at it like that. I don’t have a problem with our team in that area ever. We won tonight, and now we can go home, and we know we’ve got not just one great team we play, we play two in a row back-to-back in Chicago and Boston. Obviously it’s good to finish the trip with a win. This is a team that only Pittsburgh had won in this building. I said it yesterday – I don’t look at the record on the road. I mean, because we had four overtime or shootout games in there. It all comes around.