November 8 postgame quotes: Vancouver - LA Kings Insider

Henrik Sedin, on the loss:
We’ve played good here for a while, but we made too many mistakes tonight. It’s a team where you have to keep it simple and if you make mistakes, they’re going to hurt you. That’s what happened.

Ryan Miller, on the loss:
It was a rough start. It’s tough to come back on these guys. They play just frustrating hockey. They don’t have to take any more chances.

Miller, on Anze Kopitar’s goal:
I don’t think it was a great night, but I thought on his shot he made a good decision. I cheated over to that side too. It hit me right in the ear. It hit my ear then crossbar. He made a good decision, but I guess I could have held some more ice on that. But it was the only place he could go.

Miller, on their start to the season:
Our attitude was good. Our competitive nature in the games has been good. I think we’re still growing as a team. It’s going to be something where it’s a work in progress. I think by the end of the season our goal is to, when the Kings are playing their best system and we’re playing our best system, it should be a really tight game and we hope to find ways to win those games by the end. But right now, we’ve got to learn how to do that as a group. They’re a group that has been together for a number of years and we’re a group that has just come together with a different coach, different players. It’s a work in progress. Our attitude and excitement has gotten us through the start. Now we have to come together and understand what it takes to play some of the teams that are willing to play a little bit of a chess match or smarter game. The Kings are certainly that. They don’t make a lot of mistakes.

Chris Higgins, on whether he was surprised by the outcome of the game:
It’s probably what we deserved in San Jose too. Not surprising I guess how we played. A lot of odd-man rushes didn’t help our goalies out at all. That kind of played into their hands I thought, throughout the whole game.

Willie Desjardins, on the way his team played:
I thought our goaltender was fine. We just didn’t play very good. We had problems in San Jose and we talked about this trip would kind of show us where we’re at. It showed us where we’re at. We’re not good enough right now. We have to get better.

Desjardins, on the game:
They’re a good hockey team. They’re a Stanley Cup team and teams are playing us like we’re a 10-4 team. There is a difference when teams are really ready for you and when they’re not. We’re getting teams that are really ready for us. LA is a good team and they were hard to play against.