Report: Voynov will move to have suspension lifted - LA Kings Insider

Via Lisa Dillman of the LA Times:

Rolland Hedges, Voynov’s agent, referred to a new section of the collective bargaining agreement where there is an application for a hearing. He said they will be asking for the NHL to hear Voynov’s concerns and rule on whether he could return instead of waiting for the prosecutor’s office to make a decision on the case.

Via the Times article, Hedges told Dillman, “The player hasn’t been charged with any offense at this point and it’s very difficult for the NHL. We understand that. The NHLPA, we understand that, as well. But there comes a point where the player’s rights have to be looked at. From this point forward, the player is going to see what can be done to have the suspension lifted. The player has no control over the criminal prosecution at this point, nor should he.”

Voynov hasn’t played since being arrested on suspicion of domestic violence on October 19, and at this point no charges have been filed. As it stands, he is due in court on December 1.