November 4 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On ending the road trip with a win:
It was a good win. We deserved points in Carolina and got points in Philly. It’s the way it goes.

On what he liked most about the defensive performance:
Well, it’s easier when they don’t have a two-goal lead, so obviously you like beating them.

On the penalty killing performance:
How many shorthanded goals is that now? [Reporter: Four.] Yeah. Lewie’s goal’s a big goal for us. It takes us into the third period winning a period.

On Drew Doughty’s performance:
I said yesterday…that Drew’s getting stronger, so it was a strong game. Without Voynov in our lineup, Drew’s got to play a lot of minutes. There’s not much we can do about it. He’s got to play a lot of minutes.

On Jonathan Quick providing “what you expect from him”:
Yeah, I think he’s going to tell you that this was the best game of the trip for him.

On Trevor Lewis’ “sharp” performance since his return:
He’s gonna work. I talked to him last night about getting him back into the penalty killing a little bit, because that’s what his role is on our team. We switched Jarret and Mike partway through the first period and put Mike with Kinger and Brownie, and that helped us a little bit, I think, and putting Jarret with Lewie and Cliffy helped us a little bit. Got to find ways to score when you’re not scoring. I mean, still the top end of your lineup’s got to score goals. Five-on-three, you’ve got to score a goal, and Gabby had some really good looks. If he’s sharper, he probably scores on a couple of them. It’s the way it goes.

On Justin Williams:
Lucky it wasn’t his eye…be careful, just see how it goes.