October 31 postgame quotes: Brown, Lewis - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Brown, on his penalty shot:
We scout [the goalies] before. I just missed my shot by a little. I was going five-hole. I just didn’t get it high enough.

Brown, on whether the team was lacking preparation for the game:
I don’t know. It’s one of those things – the question, if you had an answer for it we wouldn’t be talking about it. A big part of it is we’re putting teams on the power play very early in the game and it’s a hard way to win games.

Brown, on whether the three-game losing streak is a result of dealing with injuries:
Injuries aren’t a part of it. We have plenty of guys who are capable. We just need to play better. Again, if you look at the last three games, all three are very similar games. Put the other team on the power play early, dig a hole and have to try to dig out. We’ve shown we can do it, but it’s not an easy way to do it.

Trevor Lewis, on his first game back from injury:
It felt pretty good. I had no issues with it and it’s good to get back out there. I was a little rusty, but I got the first one under my belt and hopefully I can just get better from here.

Lewis, on whether he is thinking about his injury while on the ice:
No, you just try to put it out of your mind. That’s when you know you’re 100-percent, when you don’t really think about it at all out there. I wasn’t thinking about it. I got a hit in right away and didn’t feel anything. So I just kind of went from there.

Lewis, on whether it helped him to get a hit on his first shift:
Yeah, you definitely gain confidence knowing it’s not an issue. It definitely helps getting that first hit and getting involved like that.

Lewis, on whether he is happy to be back in the lineup:
Yeah, definitely. We all love the game and we love to play it. It’s no fun watching and no fun getting bag skated and riding the bike all the time. You just want to be out there and help the team. But obviously it wasn’t the result we wanted tonight, but hopefully we can get better and go into Carolina and get a win.

Lewis, on whether he met his expectations for his first game back:
I felt pretty good. Obviously coming back after that many games, you’re a little rushed and you have a lot more time than you think out there and you kind of rush plays and stuff like that. As the game went on, I kind of gained a little bit more confidence back and tried to slow it down a little bit.