October 23 postgame quotes: Buffalo - LA Kings Insider

Chris Stewart, on whether the team needs to ‘bear down’ on their offensive chances:
You could say that, but it doesn’t matter what it is. You’ve got to put the puck in the net. If we want to win games, that’s what we’re going to have to do. Especially against teams like this, we have to score goals. We had the chances and to say they had more chances, that’s just an excuse. We have to bear down on it.

Torrey Mitchell, on the hit he took from Brayden McNabb:
I didn’t really see the replay, but I was skating through the neutral zone sort of with my head down and the D stepped up. Whether it was a clean hit or not, I need to be a little bit more aware.

Mitchell, on whether the team can be happy about a good effort:
I think we’ve got enough guys in here that have played a lot of hockey games and we’re just frustrated. Whether or not we’re doing the right things and playing well, at the end of the day if we’re not getting two points then we didn’t do the right things. Again, we’re frustrated.

Jhonas Enroth, on how the team responded to Jeff Carter’s early power play goal:
I can just speak for myself. I try to be a ‘mental warrior,’ I call it. I’m just trying to focus on my next shot and it doesn’t matter what happened. If I gave up the first shot or not, I’m going to keep battling for 60 minutes and see what happens.

Enroth, on whether he was surprised by Los Angeles’ aggressive play in the third period:
Not really, I think that’s how championship teams play. Look at Chicago when we played them, they didn’t slow down in the third period. LA is a great team too and they stepped on the gas. They didn’t want to sit back and protect the lead. That’s how I think you should play when you’re up a couple goals.

Ted Nolan, on how his team played:
In the last couple games, at least our effort has been a lot better. But if you’re not going to score, we’re the type of team that has to work for something that we want. And yet, we get across the blue line and we want to pass the puck versus shooting the puck. I think our intention is there. I think our work ethic is there. It’s just doing the smart things right now.

Nolan, on how the team responded to Jeff Carter’s early power play goal:
We played the Stanley Cup champions. The five-on-five I thought we did OK, two power play goals, two bad penalties. Last night against another pretty good team, two big mistakes early and it’s 2-0. We’re just a team right now, the position we’re in, we can’t afford any mistakes and it’s tough to play this game mistake free.

Nolan, on coaching against his son, Jordan:
It was a bit strange. When he was on the ice you wanted to watch to see how he did. Make sure he does OK, because when we talk in our family playing OK is not good enough. You have to be better than OK and tonight I thought he was better than OK. It was a good game for him.