September 30 Darryl Sutter quotes; Sharks lineup - LA Kings Insider

On what he’ll be watching from Jonathan Quick tonight:
First exhibition game. I’m not really watching anything. I just want to get him some minutes in. He’ll tell me when he’s had enough.

On whether he expects any emotion from last season to carry into tonight’s game:
No. It really has nothing to do with anything. It’s preseason. There’s nothing on the line. The only emotion that some guys would show would be trying to earn a spot on their roster.

On competition despite the availability of open roster spots:
It’s not just roster spots. It’s also guys that know they’re going to the American League knowing where they slot in so that if we need a player, where we would like them. I mean, we’ve sent guys down that are ahead of some guys who are still here, but we’re playing some younger guys.

Projected Sharks lineup:

Goldobin – Thornton – Hertl
Marleau – Couture – Nieto
McGinn – Desjardins – Brown
Goodrow – Tierney – Wingels

Irwin – Doherty
Mueller – Burns
Hannan – Fedun