September 28 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the penalty killing in the 4-2 win over Anaheim:
The difference in the second period, for sure, five-on-three. We had some good penalty killers in the lineup tonight – Robyn and Mike on the first one.

On getting Martin Jones two full preseason games:
We’ll get him as much as we can because he has to get used to playing full games, so that’s why we went away from the splits, splitting goalies. We’ll probably have to split [him] with Jonathan one of these games. But Jones has got to show he can do this early in the year, so it’s good for him. Originally we weren’t going to give him full games, and then I said three or four days ago, I said, ‘No, he’s got to play full games.’ He’s got to get accustomed to that.

On any change in Jones’ demeanor or confidence since this time last year:
Jones? No. He doesn’t struggle with that part of his game. I think he’s got to continue to work on his game. He’s no different than a young defenseman or a young forward. He’s got to work on his game.

On whether Jones improves as the game progresses:
Yep, absolutely. Both games he’s played full games, third periods have been his best, for sure.

On whether Tuesday is “too early” to pinpoint as Jonathan Quick’s return:
You know what? I’ll talk to the coaches and talk to him tomorrow about it. It’s kind of a group effort. I’m not making that decision by myself. I’ll make it with him.

On whether the Kings will take everybody to San Jose:
No, we won’t take everybody. That’s what I said before. We’ll get closer to our team before we go.

On having 31 players (not counting Andrew Bodnarchuk, who is injured) on the current roster:
Yeah, just wait on Gabby and make sure everybody came out good tonight and go from there.

On whether Gaborik’s injury is upper-body or lower-body:
Body. [Reporter: Better than mind, I guess, right?] Well, at least we can laugh about it now. It’s not a week from now. It’s the same thing. One of our goals was to try and get everybody this year to play every game, so some guys have a history of not playing every game. [Reporter: He skated a teeny bit this morning, right?] Yep, he skated before. Yep. He’ll skate again tomorrow, and we’ll go from there.