More cameras coming to the Kings' room, but no biggie - LA Kings Insider

More details were released today by the National Hockey League about the behind-the-scenes television series that the Kings will be a part of as part of their February 21 Stadium Series game against the Sharks at Levi’s Stadium.

The Kings-Sharks portion will premiere in February on Epix in the United States and Sportsnet in Canada. Each episode will also be streamed live for free on, the Epix mobile app as well as and the NHL app.

The first part of the series will open in December during the lead-up to the Capitals-Blackhawks Winter Classic, which will be played at Nationals Park in Washington, DC on January 1.

The series will be produced by 52-time Emmy award winner Ross Greenburg.

Darryl Sutter, on last year’s NHL Revealed and cameras in team areas:
We really enjoyed last year. It wasn’t that they were- [Reporter: Intrusive.] Yeah. They knew the game, they understood how it worked. This practice facility works awesome for all that part because it’s big. The problem at Staples Center is there’s only one way into the dressing room, so that’s why where we had to pull that back because they can’t be in the way. You guys know when you go in there that there’s only one way in, one way out. But that’s not an issue for us. We deal with it well. We had no problem with the outdoor game last year other than it was- [Reporter: The score.] We played really well, but they jammed it down our throats. What was it, the sixth game of an eight or nine-day trip? It was not the right way to do it…We came home and had a sleep and bused to Anaheim and had played, came home and had a sleep and went to Dodger Stadium and played, and left the next day for San Jose. If you want to do outdoor classics, make sure – and Anaheim and us both would’ve moved the game that we played in Anaheim. [Reporter: This is better, right? I think you come from Colorado.] Yeah, it’s much better. We’ll come home from Colorado and then once they tell us what time it is – weather dictates what time you practice the day before, and you have to have a practice – so depending on what the weather would be, we’ll just set our schedule up for that. And, really, you’re not playing in San Francisco, you’re staying in Santa Clara, so we’re staying in San Jose. It’s like 15 minutes from your normal hotel. [Reporter: There’ll be a better ice surface there than there is a football playing surface. You see the issues they had there? There was really bad turf.] I’m looking forward to seeing the building, the facility. At the start I thought we were playing- [Reporter: They originally were talking about at AT&T.] We used to sneak up there when the kids were little…We were going there to see Bonds break the record. Take the kids. [Reporter: Candlestick, what a place that was with the wind there and the temperature drops.] It’s a funny place to go watch games, because literally you had to take two sets of gear, because you’d get there, you’d be hot, steaming hot, and when the game was over, you would have sweaters.

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