Richards on his summer, Lombardi's Kenora visit - LA Kings Insider

Mike Richards, on his summer:
It was good, it was nice. It was exact same as every other summer.

Richards, on the short summer:
I’m getting used to it, I guess it’s a normal summer now for the past X amount of years. It’s a good thing to get used to.

Richards, on Lombardi visiting Kenora, Ontario:
Yep, I had him over for a workout and for a lunch and coffee. I think it took him longer to get to Kenora than he actually stayed in Kenora. So yeah, we just had a workout, he watched me workout, and that’s about it.

Richards, on whether he was worried about being bought out:
A little bit. I like it here, my family likes it here, my girlfriend likes it here, and I want to be here. Obviously, on the ice speaks for itself with the team that we have. You know, just everything about it, I wanted to be here. Whether I thought [a buyout] would happen or not, I don’t know if I ever did; but there’s always that possibility that makes you nervous.

Richards, on working out with trainers during the off-season:
I worked out with a trainer for the first time since I was in Juniors, just to push me and make sure that I’m there every day, almost like a babysitter I guess. It was good. I worked out in the city too with other guys who are in the NHL. I think just having that presence around people and working out to push each other, I think for the first time I saw the benefit of it.

Richards, on his specific workouts:
No aerobics, I’m not like Stolly, no yoga, none of that stuff, just the basic stuff that hockey players do to get ready. It was all more or less working on speed, quickness, strength, and conditioning.

Richards, on his mindset heading into training camp:
I have no different approach to this Training Camp than I’ve had before. I just want to come in and do well, have success on the ice and help the team win.

Richards, on struggles to hit personal marks versus the team’s success:
If the team wins, it’s great. Obviously you’d like to have 100 points or 50 goals or whatever, but I’d rather be on a team that wins than do those things.

Richards, on preparing to defend a Cup championship:
I think it’s both mental and physical. Any season is a mental grind, a long time, but you have to be ready for it. I think it’s exciting to have this opportunity. We didn’t lose many guys, and I think everyone is excited for the challenge. We have a good team; we definitely have a shot at it, along with everyone else in the league. That’s why you play hockey – to win championships, and we’ve been fortunate to hoist it twice and have that good taste in our mouths.