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Do you remember last summer’s I Was There series? A similar project is being undertaken by Alex Kinkopf, who writes and assists in social media for and has also offered assistance on this site.

Alex has been looking back at the top 15 moments of the Kings’ postseason, and it’s fitting that the eighth most memorable moment belongs to number eight – more specifically, how Drew Doughty managed to nail an unbalanced landing after Alec Martinez’s series winner over Chicago elicited a sudden burst of unadulterated joy.

Doughty impressively stuck that landing, which would appear to counter the known laws of physics.

Via, Eight’s Overboard:

In hockey, emotion isn’t important; it’s vital.

Of the many things that can set the tone to a locker room, build the camaraderie of a NHL roster; emotion just about takes the cake. It can go a long way in feeding a humble, tight-knit roster such as the Kings.

As we’ve come to see through the years, and appropriately so during the Kings’ recent playoff run, Drew Doughty isn’t shy when it comes to expressing his feelings.

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BONUS VIDEO! It’s unrelated to this series, but it’s a cool team travel bit in its own right. Remember that train ride between Philadelphia and Washington on a back-to-back? Jarret Stoll shot some video for the NHLPA during the ride, and I just was linked to it this morning (thank you Reza @TheMouthLAKings).