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Planning for the Stanley Cup to travel from Point A to Point B (and then to Points C, D, E, F and etc) is a task undertaken by the Kings’ Business Operations that takes into account the wishes of players and staff, local needs and requests, and league events. The zig-zagging itinerary is constructed with the joy and appreciation of a successful hockey season surpassed by no other team – but also involves a good deal of work to wrangle in all the revolving parts. As noted in the story, it is a “labor of love.”


There were some concerns over the length of time the Cup was in the players’ hands during the 2012 Cup tour. Details aren’t provided, but it’s clear that there is an effort during this cycle to adhere to the players’ wishes as closely as possible. That’s not to say that such efforts weren’t undertaken two years ago, but because the Kings are no longer strangers to such planning this summer, and they have a greater understanding of how to balance all requests with the players’ and coaches’ preferred schedule, which takes precedent.

“Winning for the first time in 2012 helped everyone with the Kings envision what was to come this time around, including the scheduling of the Cup which is like a full-time job itself due to all the requests and what we have to do,” Moeller said. “Hockey is also the only sport that does this. Our colleagues with baseball and basketball don’t deal with this and we did our best to talk to other NHL teams such as Boston, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

“In 2014 we were not starting from scratch and that experience is invaluable.”

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Schedule of Stanley:
June 24: NHL Awards, Las Vegas, NV
June 26-28: NHL Draft, Philadelphia, PA
June 29: Mark Yannetti, Topsfield, MA
June 30: Hubie McDonough, Manchester, NH
June 30: Denis Fugere, St. Jerome, QC
July 1: Michael Futa, Rexdale, ON
July 2-3: Tyler Toffoli, Ottawa, ON
July 3: Alyn McCauley, Gananoque, ON

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