May 30 postgame quotes: Drew Doughty - LA Kings Insider

On what they need to do to shut down Patrick Kane in Game 7:
Last game, yeah he got four assists, but I didn’t even think it was like he dominated the game. The stat sheet tells a different story than the actual game.

On whether it’s difficult to put this loss behind them:
Eh, it’s not that tough. We’re fine. We still believe we could’ve won this game tonight. We know that we can still beat this Chicago Blackhawks team. But we also know it’s not going to be easy either. They’re going to have their best game in this Game 7, especially in their home rink. We know we just have to reset, fly over there tomorrow and just be ready to win a hockey game.

On whether they had difficulty taking away Patrick Kane’s time and space:
I guess not on that goal. I guess the other goal too, where he passed it to their D-man. So yeah, we didn’t do a good enough job on him tonight.

On whether they played with enough intensity in the first period:
I thought we tried to. Maybe we made a few mistakes early. Obviously, we didn’t have the lead coming into the locker room, which we’d like to have. We have to play a lot more desperate next game and be better prepared.

On having experience in Game 7 on the road:
Yeah, it helps and I think this is a good thing for our hockey club. I don’t think we played enough desperate hockey these last two games and I think that’s kind of why we lost both of them. It’s about time that we get to that type of game that the LA Kings play.

On the causes of their defensive lapses:
We’re not closing quick enough. We’re allowing them to gain the zone with possession. Our neutral zone, forecheck isn’t good enough right now. They’re skilled forwards. They’re going to create space on their own. But at the same time, those top guys, we know who they are and we need to close out and play them physical.

On whether he feels frustrated after the loss:
I’m frustrated, but I’m over it pretty quickly. We’ve got another game to play, Game 7. We’ve had two chances to close out this series and we’re not going to blow the third one.