Good morning, Chicago - LA Kings Insider

After arriving in stormy Chicago late last night and opening the hotel room curtains to gaze out upon an impenetrable veil of clouds and fog that obscured this view from the 23rd floor, I wasn’t aware of exactly what I’d have to work with this morning. I wasn’t even sure if I’d post Good morning, Chicago, given that I was planning on spending much of my early hours working on an feature.

But, really, it would be doing Insiders a disservice to keep some of the finest hotel room views this season off the blog. Much of what makes Chicago a beautiful, unique city is contained in these north and northeast-facing shots. The lake, the tightly packed office buildings and condominiums, the John Hancock Building, the city life. Just think of all the Munters units out there.

2014-05-28 07.05.36 (640x480)

2014-05-28 07.05.42 (640x480)

2014-05-28 07.05.22 (640x480)

The Blackhawks are scheduled to take the ice at the United Center at 10:30 a.m., followed by the Kings at 11:30. There’s so much more to come on this game day. Good morning, Insiders.