May 26 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On his message before the game:
We wanted to have a good start like we’ve had for other games.

On what it’ll take to beat Chicago in Game 5:
We’ll have to play a hell of a lot better than we did tonight. [Reporter: What didn’t you like about the game?] I thought we were really good in special teams, and we had a good start.

On what the team has done to limit Patrick Kane:
I thought when they put him with Toews tonight we had a tough time handling him.

On the team receiving scoring from its blue line:
You know what? We’ve got goals from our blue line all year. I think we were 10th in the league or something in goals from our blue line. It’s not something that surprises us.

On denying Chicago’s power play early before scoring two power play goals:
Yep, that’s clearly the difference in the game. The first period is clearly special teams. Two in. I think there was four total. That’s the difference.

On Anze Kopitar “playing up to his potential”:
He plays up to his potential every night. We know it gets based out here on if you have goals or assists orpoints, but he’s a talented player in all three zones every night.

On what it feels like being up three games to one:
Don’t look behind, and don’t look ahead. We play again. We’ve got a big travel day tomorrow and a tough game.

On how much better Los Angeles can get for Game 5:
As I said, we’re going to have to play a hell of a lot better than we did tonight. [Reporter: Coach, can you just expound on what maybe you’d want to see better?] I think our five-on-five play, certainly we can be better at it. I know we can be better than we were tonight. [Reporter: Is that it?] Yeah, that’s a lot. Most of the game it is.

On Los Angeles’ strength up the middle:
We have veteran centermen. All four of them have obviously been here for a while, and they take care of both ends of the ice and they pretty much run the game for us as centermen. We ask our centermen to do that, and they do a good job of that.

On how Los Angeles played Jonathan Toews:
He’s a pretty good player. That’s why you’re asking about him. As the question was, it’s centermen versus centermen. He’s out there lots. So whoever our centerman is out there has got a big job to do.

On whether the time out when leading 4-2 was due to the icing:
Yep. You get that one time out. You can use it usually when your guys are tired.

Closing Statement:
We’re just flying tomorrow, so there won’t be practice or any of that stuff – as probably most of you are, too. See you in Chicago.