May 16 postgame quotes: Justin Williams - LA Kings Insider

On the victory:
Sometimes that’s just the way it happens. You have a team that comes out early and has momentum and doesn’t score goals and the other team comes back and takes it over. But we were able to capitalize on our chances and got our goals and didn’t look back.

On being known for his play in Game 7s:
The thing I’m most proud of is the 6-0 record in Game 7 and the fact that we’re moving on. At the end of my career, I’ll look at that and be proud of it. But the one I really like right now is the 6-0.

On whether their experience in elimination games this year helped them:
I’ve said multiple times about this group we have, is the inner arrogance and the quiet confidence. Whatever you want to call it that’s in the dressing room, that I look around and I trust that everyone is going to do their job and get it done. Nobody has to be great, just everybody has to be good. We were all good tonight.

On this being the most lopsided score of the series:
Who knows? I talked earlier that sometimes games end like that. Game 7, there are a lot of nerves and it’s very tense. We channeled those nerves very well to start the game. Capitalized on our chances and we if don’t capitalize on them it’s a different score.

On whether he would consider changing his jersey number to seven:
As I said, 6-0 is nicer than the personal ones right now. Thank you.