May 10 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On limiting Anaheim’s shots in Game 3:
That’s the way we play. If there’s not a lot of special teams, I think both teams are like that. They don’t give up a lot of shots or big opportunities unless there’s a lot of special teams. That’s clearly what Game 3 was. I mean, there was 16 seconds of a power play or whatever that we had, and they had parts of two power plays. Shots are down. I mean, usually that’s where the offense is.

On any adjustment for Jeff Carter in moving between right wing and center:
No, Jeff’s played pretty much off-and-on center-right wing all season, and you’ve just got to tell him game by game or shift by shift. He’s really able to zero in. Both Carter and Lewis do that a lot for us, and Mike a little bit – center-left wing. Last game was something that you’re not going to see very often, as we were seeing with the power plays. It was pretty much a five-on-five deal. Jeff’s used to it. Jeff came here as a centerman and we played him on right wing because we were short there. If you look at the last two playoffs, other than when Mike got hurt, he’s played right wing. Last year in the playoffs he played center with Dustin Penner and Tyler. When Mike got hurt, that was really good for us, and when we do it this year, he is too. You know what? Those guys want to be a big part of whatever it is. It doesn’t matter where they are. It’s like Gaborik – it doesn’t if he plays left wing or right wing.

On the value in having Drew Doughty during a period of injuries to the defense:
Well, it doesn’t matter – Drew’s going to play minutes. You know what? It’s challenging for us to lose left side D. Drew and Slava don’t play left side, so that’s the challenge you face in the series. It’s not so much Drew. You know how Drew’s going to play and the minutes he’s going to play. It doesn’t change situations. It’s basically every other shift. If you look at the two goals that have been scored against in the series, they were four-on-threes against us, and Drew’s in the penalty box. It tells you how important he is, though, when you do that.