April 30 postgame quotes: Drew Doughty - LA Kings Insider

On looking ahead to the series against Anaheim:
We can’t go down 3-0 again and expect to win a series. It’s just not going to happen that way. So we’re going to take it the other way, we need to win this first game. Get off to a good start and then take it from there.

On what an Anaheim-Los Angeles series means for hockey in Southern California:
It’s huge. The Ducks and Kings have never met in the playoffs and everyone wants there to be this rivalry between the two teams and I feel like the players just don’t have that yet. Now that we’re finally going to play each other in the playoffs, it’s going to create a rivalry. No matter who you play in the playoffs it creates turmoil, it creates battles, and it makes you not enjoy playing that other team. So that’s what’s going to happen.

On the emotions of the team after San Jose scored the first goal:
The emotion, I don’t think it changed. It was just stay positive. The way that goal happened was it was early in the period, which is never a good thing, but we just stayed positive. We wanted it to happen. We were determined to make it happen. We had a good opportunity on the power play. We popped one there and then a huge goal at the end of the second. Going into the third period, it’s just about being on the gas pedal, looking for another goal and that’s what we did.

On the fun of winning four consecutive games to win a series:
It was so much fun. It will never compare to winning a Stanley Cup obviously, but it’s right there with it – this feeling. But I can’t be satisfied. None of us can be satisfied. Our job is not even close to being done. So here comes the next series.